My girlfriend cheated on me.. help..

my girlfriend of 1 year cheated on me 5 days ago and 2 days ago.. with my best friend.. I got my "best friend" to stop talking to her and never pick up contact again, otherwise I would tell his ex whom he still loves very much.. so that's 1.. but now I want my girlfriend back.. because I love her dearly.. I don't know how I can do this.. she isn't sure if she wants me back.. she says I can't make her happy.. please someone give advice on how to make her happy.. on how to ask her back.. we're still young.. still in high school.. but she's the only one.. please help..


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  • don't go back .. once a cheater always a cheater .. nd your best friend isn't a good friend at all ... really consider if you want him to be your friend anymore because what it did wasn't right

    ur young, under 18 .. there's a lot more girls out there for you .. go be young and date! .. don't stay hooked on a girl who didn't value your relationship ..if she did it once she'll do it again =|

    i know it's hard since you love her which will make it hard for you to get over her

    but it's what you need to do .. it's best for you

    and she's saying mean things like you can't make her happy and doesn't know if she wants you back.

    take the upper hand and say you don't want her back and your done. no girl that cheats on you is worth your time and effort


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  • im not trying to be mean but maybe she wouldn't of cheated with you if she wasn't fully happy.if you want her to be happy don't go back. if you want to be happy don't go back because you will regret it.i had the same thing happen with me and my ex boyfriend and my friends talked me out of not dating him again and I'm glad I didn't because he got a new girlfriend and cheated on her a bunch. so once a cheater always a cheater.


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  • Well you are a lot more patient than me, because there would currently be two people dead. Twice? That is inexcusable. I would kick your best friends ass into the ground and I would expose her for the whore she is. Don't go back, you will look like a huge pussy.


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