Ever since the break-up, I've really lost my appetite. Did your diet/lifestyle change permanently?

I only eat one meal a day. I think the biggest shock about the break-up is not so much that I miss him, but more of the disillusionment (loss of innocence, etc.): I just don't view the idea of love like I used to.

I mean, it's great dieting but food doesn't taste good anymore, which is a big deal because I used to really love food. I'd look for good places to eat. Now, I don't look or care. I just know that if I don't eat at least one meal, I won't function. So I'll cook up something. Sometimes I don't finish.

It's been 3 months. I still cry. Not healthy, I know. I haven't talked to my friends much. I'm kind of ashamed of my depressed self so I don't want to show that to my best friends. I've talked to them once about it but I want them to be happy. (One of them just didn't want to hear it.) I don't want to drag them down with all my current emo-ness.

If it keeps up, I may go see a therapist or something. It's just rough right now.

I try to be around friends/people but some of them are couples and they really don't cut back on the PDA. Needless to say, it just doesn't help.

One guy was flirting with me, but he's married. Then, he started flirting with another girl. morals these days. The other guy is shy or wants to ignore me. I don't know or care. No energy for that whatsoever. and it's just going to be a rebound anyway. I can feel it.

I tried TV shows. The ones where people aren't falling in love with each other. and that's not easy to find.

Radio: need I elaborate.

Novels: yea, that's not doing it, either.

Exercise: well, I was doing it before so nothing new.

This suck..


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  • Go for a really lond slow run with no music after eatting some food 1 hour before hand. Go to a new place that is quite isolated and do trail running. I find that I often lose heart and mope for weeks on end but when I am running I would feel a lot happier about 20min into the run. when you exersise and get some sun your body releases certain hormones that makes you feel happier.


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  • You need to do some self building and repair. It sounds like you invested a lot in him, and when it didn't pan out, it hit you hard. It almost sounds like you're on the border of clinical depression, so your plans to go see a therapist may be well founded. Just remember that you're basing all of the changes of your mentality on one or two bad experiences, and that there's nothing saying that your former self wasn't right. One thing you REALLY need is a good outlet. If your friends won't listen, then find someone else, whether it be someone online like me :) or someone in real life like a therapist or family.

    Don't worry so much about the effects, but more of the cause. The food will sort itself out, the friends will sort themselves out, as long as you attack the base reason that you're feeling these ways, you'll get better.

    You said that you're becoming rather disillusioned about "love", what do you mean about that? Do you think that no one is capable of loving you like you expect? Do you think that you were wrong about what love is?

    • Love was something I looked forward to. I guess I idealized it too much. Not in a cheesy way or anything. I just thought it would be something fun and kind, not mean or cold. It's just that the relationship I was in, how we met seemed so fateful (so many things in common, time/place, chemistry). If that didn't work, I really don't know what would. But there wasn't much of a honeymoon phase: It just felt like slow torture. I don't know what I did wrong so I can't fix anything. Nothing to be done.

    • Don't beat yourself up too much.... sometimes things feel like they were destined to be, but don't pan out. just because one relationship was bad doesn't mean that all will be.

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  • You go through a depressed state once a person has left you, it won't last long. Because you need to think OK it ended doesn't make it any eaiser but through time you will get over this guy. It will take awhile for the pain to stop but it will get better over time. You will find the right guy soon. Just be with friends that care about you. You need to eat and be social with your friends get out there and have fun even though you have a broken heart.


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