How do you get over a breakup?

Okay so my boyfriend of 6 months just broke up with me. He was my first real relationship. I’m usually the type of person who gets over things easily but I have never felt this way before. I miss him so much even though I shouldn’t.

We got in our second ever disagreement because of something he did. He didn’t like me telling him about what he did or how it made me feel. I didn’t act crazy or or curse at him I simply told him what was on my mind after he supposedly feel asleep at 4 o’clock and that’s why he didn’t answer my texts all day. After that argument he hasn’t responded or answered my texts in 5 days. He sends me to voicemail. I literally poured my heart out in those texts. That’s something I have never done in my life! He didn’t even respect me enough to break up with me just left me wondering what is going on. Dropped me without a word.

I went on a date yesterday to get over him and I couldn’t even pretend to be interested. I kept thinking of him. I cried so hard last night because I’ve never been so hurt before. I thought he cared about me.
How do you get over a breakup?
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