Why is he mad? did I cheat?

Ok so I went to a school dance and I met this boy and I thought he was nice and I thought we could be friends. So I asked him to Saides as a friend like you did with Chrisse. Anyways so at our day-date (it was 7 couples) we were watching a movie and I was sitting next to him and it was dark and I felt something wet on my face and I turned to look at him and I felt it on my lips and then I realized that he was kissing me but it was weird like my mind went numb or something and I didn't kiss him back but I just kinda sat there. I told my friends and they said it seemed like I was in shock like I was a brick wall. I didn't even realize he had his hand up my shirt until my chest was cold. I

was really confused and I didn't really understand what had happened. So we got to the dance. It almost felt like nothing had happened, like I was in a daze. I wanted him to dance with me and we wouldn't because ALL the music is rap music and it gets really annoying. So I said "we should go outside cause there's people outside", and so he said "OK" and we started walking to the parking lot and I asked him "why are we walking to your car?" and he just said "I don't know" and I didn't really think anything of it I just figured that he REALLY didn't want to dance with me. so the same thing happened again, he kissed me, and it seemed like my mind shut down and I didn't even register what was really happening. I know it seems like I let him but I didn't let him, I didn't stop him either though. I just froze up and didn't know what to do. so he grabbed my hand and he put it on his belt buckle and I moved it away and starting moving away form him he grabbed me again like my face and started kissing me really hard and I couldn't move anywhere because he had pinned me to the seat. Then put his hands down my underwear it was only there for a couple seconds. But he was really angry at me he took me home, cause I wasn't doing what he wanted me to do. I woke up the next day (Sunday) and I remembered everything that happened, like seemed like that night I didn't really know what had happened and temporarily forgotten. It scared me really bad why I didn't get the feeling to leave, why it didn't seem like a bad idea to follow him to his car, the best way I can describe it to you was the absence of feeling like I was numb. he was texting me Sunday morning and made me feel really bad about it like it was all my fault. and I cried really hard. He said "Your a good person, I forgive you"


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  • wait I'm lost are you asking if what you did counts as cheating on your boyfriend or are you asking why is the guy who did all that to you is mad?

    • My boyfriend is p*ssed at me and I can't figure out why. This is the message I sent him. I am asking why my boyfriend is mad and if it counts as cheating. I'm very loyal to him and I have never even wanted to or thought about being with someone else.

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    • Well that would make sense if he put something in my drink cause I was drinking a mountain dew the entire night and he took it away for a while then gave it back. So if that happened does it change anything? does that explain why I couldn't think straight? Why it felt like I was dreaming>? I'm not familiar with alcohol or drugs so I really wouldn't know..

    • Im not familiar with many drugs that would do that cus I don't use them to get girls or anything but yeah it would change a lot and if you tell your boyfriend he will want to beat the guy even more so just try to as him what if the guy did put something in your drink

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  • so wait the guy that was feeling you up next to 6 other couples was the one that said, "you're a good person, I forgive you?" f*** him. he's only after one thing, that's all well and good a lot of guys are like that, it's not morally acceptable but it's acceptable in today's world however he took it too far. for this guy to say, "you're a good person I forgive you" he should be apologizing to you for putting you in that position. as for the you cheating though? i, normally, would say yes. it takes two to tango and not only did he kiss you, he felt up your shirt, got his hands in your underwear AND you followed him to his car. every one of those decisions could have been prevented. he had no business doing what he did and you DID let him. if you feel nervous or like you're getting into a bad situation, then leave it altogether. sounds to me like the guy will do anyything to get what he wants from you. even if it means raping you. maybe he thought you were teasing him and he just took sh*t too far, I don't know but by you laying there and not fighting him just letting him take advantage of you, is letting him know it's OK. I'd have knocked his ass out. he put you in an acceptable situation but you can't allow that. there are red flags all over the place you can't "not think anything about them" because that's when stuff like this happens. when you get nervous or scared walk away altogether. call someone or find a friend and tell her what's up and don't leave her side. i, personally, would NEVER go around that guy again. if you absolutely have to, don't be alone with him. I'd flip my sh*t if he knew where I lived. definitely don't be alone with him again...he sounds like a d*** who needs some intense therapy.

    • Thats what scared me! is that I didn't even realize it was bad or wrong or anything until he started forgiving me. Was it a mistake to tell my boyfriend? I mean it's not like I've ever kissed anyone before not even my boyfriend. Which sounds weird I know but that's not the point. I really didn't feel like I was there it was like I was asleep... I don't know I'm just trying to understand why my boyfriends mad at me and what I can do to save my realtionship.

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    • Oh I love it when a guy does that:) it's sweet..i hate it though too (that he gets mad because he can't fix it) because there's nothing I can do to make him feel better, we girls are just programmed to want to make y'all feel better, but I love that he gets p*ssed off because he can't fix it. I can tell that he cares.

      question asker..i think you just have to wait it out..i honestly think he'll calm down and

    • That he's mostly mad at the guy so I think if you just wait it out a while, and not let it happen again, he'll eventually get over it. you can't expect to put him through this constantly though. let's say he DOES get through this...just because he got through it once doesn't mean he'll do it again and again..i only know so much about how guys process..im a girl..i grew up around guys but I'm still a girl so I think you should just give it time and don't get in that situation again.

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