Am I freaking out, is he cheating?

so my boyfriend and I can't see each other until the weekends. we are both in sophomores and can't drive.

anyway, the other night he told me he saw his ex girlfriend. She is his moms best friends daughter and that day was his mom's b day. so they went to dinner. he told me he thought I should know they saw each other. He said he couldn't believe he ever dated her because she was a "psycho" and he was pretty sure she still liked him. then I asked him if he had fun and he got mad because "he couldn't believe I ever thought he would do that to me" (cheat on me) I didn't mean it like that, I was meaning if they talked and stuff. he told me it would mean a lot to him if I tried to trusted him more (he knows I have trust issues with everyone). I said ill try.

well we have become sexually active (foreplay) and that night, when we were talking, when he said he saw her he brought up how he can't finish when we do stuff. I found it weird cause he said it was cause he was nervous.

his moms party was Thursday. we talked Friday night. he canceled our plans for the weekend cause he got sick. then Friday, he said he would tell me sat if we could hang. I had to text to him to see what he was up to, he said he was hanging with some friends. he never asked me if we could hang.

am I over reacting over this?


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  • Maybe a little.

    But it's not like you don't have reason to be suspicious...

    Follow this up and see how it goes.


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