I can't get over my ex to the point it's affecting my daily life?

To start off with, long before I met this boy, I was already feeling depressed. Family issues and life got to me, and I've been trying to recover ever since, for about 6 years. Anyways, I dated this boy for 6 months. It was a long distance relationship, i'd get to see him over holidays/vacations. I fell in love, and especially for it being a long distance relationship the bond had to be strong for it to even last. And in person we were great.

Anyways, he ended up breaking up with me. He said he was going through stuff of his own and he couldn't be with me. The break up was rough, and went badly. We argued a lot over it, mostly me being upset for him leaving me, and him being mad that I won't let him just be on his own. My depression started becoming heavy again, because it felt as if for once I had someone to lift me up, and then just to have it all come down again. It broke me. I felt like my trust was shattered, as well as my heart. It's been 2 months, and he doesn't really want anything to do with me. I don't know what to do.

At this point, it affects me daily. If i'm lucky, i'll be able to go a couple days not being overly sad about him. but i think about him everyday. even if i don't talk about him to others. i still think about him. I cry a lot. I'm starting to have suicidal thoughts.
I can't get over my ex to the point it's affecting my daily life?
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