Should I delete my ex on facebook?

Hi all,

I'm having a little problem. I had a 6 months relationship with a girl which lasted three weeks ago. She told me she lost the feeling she had for me since I had not decided to marry. It was too early to decide about marriage and that was my view. Anyhow, she wanted to be friends with me which I rejected.

I have talked to her only once during this three weeks period and she sounded OK and friendly when I talked. It's like only I am hurt from the break up. I do not really know exactly what she is feeling anymore. She seems to be all right on facebook. But recently she deactivated her account for a couple of days and I was really worried. I did not go to ask why it was. First, I though she had blocked me but eventually I learned she had actually deactivated it. Couple of times she activated and deactivated the account to my knowledge but later put a status that says she did not block anybody but she just deactivated it.

Ok. since we are not in a relationship anymore, is it a good idea that I remove her from my friends list? Naturally, I look at her profile whenever I log in. But at the same time I am sad to remove her too. To be honest, I still feel for her. I think its natural.

So should I talk to her and remove her without hurting her feelings?

Thanks in advance..


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  • Well do you want to be friends with her ? Since you rejected that proposal, you should delete her before she deletes you.


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