I don't know whether to contact her or just leave her alone?

I broke up with my girlfriend about 2 months ago after we had been back together after 2 months, we had been broken up for 5 months before that but had been dating for all up around 2 years.. anyway I got drunk a month ago and went 2 her house one day and she had been treating me like crap and her friends had told me sh*t about her that I didn't enjoy hearing, and I ended up telling her mum stuff which I regret doing.. anyways it ended up f***ing things up because after me and my ex broke up we continued 2 see each other and sleep with each other.. then after I told her mum the stuff I did, I wasn't aloud 2 see her or contact her, id been talking 2 her on facebook and she had been contacting me back saying she loves me still and misses me and wants me, I slept with her one more time a couple weeks later but then last week she told me we have 2 move on and get over each other, I went 2 her house and she re affirmed it to me, but then a day later we were talking again and she was saying she misses me and wants me and stuff, then one night she was like just know that I love you like I always have.. the next day she ended up saying 2 me that its over and I have 2 f*** off and never come back, it broke my heart that she went and acted like this and messed with my heart so I went 2 her late at night and tried 2 see if she meant it and she did, I tried 2 kiss her and she wouldn't kiss me back or even hug me.. I snapped and said some stupid things like "i cheated on you and f***ed one of your friends" which I didn't do but wanted a reaction because she had done something similar 2 me by saying she was interested in someone else the week before.. anyways its now been 5 days but as each day goes by I miss her even more, its not just about her being my girlfriend, it was about her being my best friend, and I don't want to believe that this is goodbye.. I want to contact her but I need 2 give her more time, its only been 5 days.. I feel she means goodbye, but I don't want to believe it simply because it feels like this has happened before and it could just be the case again, but I'm scared to contact her incase she actually does mean goodbye, and I'm scared to sit back and not contact her because I'm worried ill never hear from her again.. I don't know whether to contact her now, give her time, or wait for her...


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  • I think you guys need more time. It sounds like the two of you have been on this really emotional roller-coaster ride and you just need to get some distance between you to figure out what you mean to one another. Missing someone is hard, sure - but the alternatives are to just continue where you left off or p*** her off even more. Be patient! Good luck!


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  • The way I see it, if she wants to talk to you, she would contact you - there would be no need for you to call her. And it does also sound like you two have a rocky relationship.

    She'll be considering the same ideas as you. She'll wonder if she wants you back, and if she does, she'll contact you because she misses you. There's no need for you to be pushy about it :)


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