Should I break up with him?

So I've been together with this guy for around 2 months now, but I'm starting to have some doubts. There's absolutely nothing wrong with him- he's really sweet to me and tries to make sure I'm happy. It's just that I've been noticing myself wanting to spend less time with him, and when I kiss him I honestly don't feel much. I also don't find myself that much physically attracted to him- like a 6/10. It just doesn't seem like a totally valid reason to break up, especially because he likes me so much. I'm afraid of breaking his heart if I do.


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  • I think you should give him a few more month. Try to see what turns you off and maybe talk to him about it. If still nothing than I think you should break up with him.


What Girls Said 1

  • if it's getting a bit boring,

    try to spice things up a bit..


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