Chivalry or something else?

I was on campus walking in a building. I was in a hallway walking toward the stairwell. When I saw a guy who I say hi to in passing. (As in we say hello when we bump into each other, don’t know him too well) He waved to me as he was opening the door to go into the stairwell and I waved back. I continued to walk toward the door to the stairs- I was 20 feet away- and he could see me walking but he had already gone up a staircase. He sees me walking toward the staircase but I am still 25 feet away and he comes back down the stairs and opens the door for me from the inside.

Is this chivalry or something else?


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  • LIke the othter guy said I would hold a door if a girl is close, but I wouldn't come all the way back down stairs for her unless I was feeling her a little bit. Like wanted to talk to her, and that was like a little way to show her. So I would view it as a little more than chivalry. Try and spark up a convo with him and see how it goes. He may like you.

  • I will hold the door open for a girl if she is close. I don't know if I would go all the way back down the stairs to open a door. Try to see if he gives you any other signs.


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