How to discard all the past memories of your ex gf?

We broke up a year and a half ago over some differences. It was a bitter break up after a beautiful period of dating for 5 years. She had started loving someone else before breaking up. After the break up, neither have I seen her, nor have I talked to her or know what happened of her.
However, every once in a while, I go back in a sort of a flashback to all the good memories we shared (and some bitter too, though very rarely). All these memories make me emotional and I start thinking what could've been of us had we not been separated. I don't know if I've moved on or not. I'm confused to that part.
Am I still in love with her? What do I do to get over her, if I still am? Is it a good thing to remember all those memories given that she has been my only girlfriend, my first love?
Also, I sometimes think what would happen if we meet. I think if it would be possible for us to get back together, should I be thinking this?
Most important of all, I ask once again, how do I get rid of all the memories? I haven't dated after her, not been involved with anyone after her. I've not been able to talk with women. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
How to discard all the past memories of your ex gf?
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