How can I forget the past and move forward in my relationship?

Basically I found out last month that my boyfriend of 1 year and 5 months kissed another girl over the summer. But, after listening to everything he said and what other people said, I've decided to give him another chance. However, I still cry every time I think about it and I'm still so upset. I don't want this to ruin the whole relationship. What can I do? How can I forget and move past all of this?:(


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  • The only way you can move past it is if he can prove that you are the one he loves. If there is still doubt, you'll never trust him. Best thing to do is enjoy the company of all the other guys you come across. That way, you'll see there is more to life than just him and realize that if it does end, you'll find another guy just as good or better.

    If he loved you he would find it devastating to hear that you are crying every night over something he did. He would be going out of his way to make you feel better. If he is doing that, then he is doing all he can to keep the relationship going. If not, move on and don't prolong your pain.

    • Yeah he has been doing better. I guess all that can help me now is time...

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  • girl I busted my man textin dirty and its been a year and a half since the incident and it still bugs me. th most you ca really do is just try not to think or talk about it.

    • Yeah. That's what I've been trying to do and for the most part it has worked but I still have my moments where I get really upset.

  • Do you really want to? Or did other people just talk you into it?

    • No I really wanted to. I didn't want to give up everything we had before this happened and he's been great since I found out. It just still bothers me.

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