Why is he still calling me?

So this guy and I who I've known since middle school started sort of dating but (I believe) because there was no challenge he lost interest and now has a girlfriend. Before they made it official he seemed to have still been emotionally attached to me and basically wanted our relationship to stay the same. its been months since I stopped talking to him for the most part and he still calls or communicates with me like every 2 months. Why is he still calling me if he essentially left me for her AND we've had open conversations about him CLEARLY doing me wrong?

FYI: he's not the asshole type guy, he doesn't blatantly do wrong things in front of you. He seems to care that he screwed up?


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What Guys Said 1

  • maybe he still has you in his mind, tell me do you feel kinda special when he calls?

    • I don't specifically feel special.. I feel suspicious and I wonder whether he really is calling because he genuinely still cares for me or whether he just wants tomake sure in still on ice for him to hide his meat in when he's ready. read my other question about the call to help you understand a little more if you want....

What Girls Said 1

  • I saw your response and idk. He may still like you/want to have his cake and eat it. Like, he wants the girlfriend but he enjoys your company or conversations as well. Or, as you said, he may be keeping you on tap for when/if something happens with the current lady. Its tough to tell. Why not just ask him?

    • Well mostly because if I ask itll show less maturity than watching for hte answer because in time ill see what his intentions are and I won't be investing anything until his intentions are clear. PLUS Idrc what he's calling for I would jus tlike him to jus accept that he's not sleeping with me again or leave me alone because I'm not the girl he used to know. And I'm mostly just curious because him talking to me like I'm still that girl is VERY IRRITATING!! thknx alot!!

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