Pimples! Scars or not....

I am 15 years old and obviously going throug puberty. Anyways I don't suffer from bad acne nor a lot of break outs. I did when I was 13 though. I have all dots on my face, just clear small holes, that's been there for ages. And the last break out I had left me with like a pinkish dot that has been there for ages. And I have small clear peoples. My cheeks are a light pink. I have used clearsil and phisohex and nothing seems to get rid of the pinkness nor the clear what dots that are pimples.

Any suggestions?

Are there any natural ways of getting rid of it?

I know I am prone to more pimples but I haven't had a breakout in ages.

My face isn't bad, but I forgot to mention I also have like small red pimple dots. Its not a white head or anything like that.


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  • I've heard of some creams... go see a dermatologist or at least visit the pharmacy. I worked at one they have something for it.


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