Relationship ruins some of my friendships! what should I do?

my boyfriends and all my friends are all in the same class normally it really cool to have them all arround

one of them was once my boyfriend, but now we are only friends and one of his best friends is my new boyfriend. we are argue a lot and it came out that one of my best friends who always was so nice to me and told me what a cute boyfriend I have and "tried to help" us if my boyfriend and I argued wrote my boyfriend text messages and always stick with him and made me kind of bad and she told him that she thinks that I would use him and that she thinks 2 other "good" friends of mine would agree with that! then my boyfriend told me that my ex has not said something mean but that he also doesn`t talk good about me although he is always friendly to me and we sometimes write text messages and he told me that he miss the times when we were close friends and stuff (my boyfriend doesn`t know that because he would be worried)

so most of my friends from who I thought that they are good friends stab me in the back! although most of them should not dare to talk about other relationships!


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  • You should start hanging out with different so called friends.


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