I don't know what to do...after a 4 hour phone call with my ex

Three months ago we broke up, he cheated on me. And contacted me again recently I thought it was to be on good terms again. But he instead wanted me back...he started crying and so did I. I just don't know what to do. He was a horrible boyfriend and I have started dating this good guy. He kept saying he'll do anything and that I was his soulmate. And the whole time we were talking I was shaking my head No. I'm just lost and kinda stressed over this complication.


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  • What do you do? Walk away from him. What makes you think that if you two give it another try that things would get better? You would just get nervous anytime you couldn 't get a hold of him and wonder if he is cheating again. Why put yourself through that? Yes, I realize that you love him and obviously still care but understand that you deserve better then this. Let him cry over his mistakes. The easier you make it for him to come back the easier it is for him to cheat. I say this because someone who cheats is either unhappy with themselves or the relationship. Why would you want to go back to someone who cheated on you? Is your self esteem that low that you think that no one else will love you? I sure hope not. Good things can't be rushed. Your future prince is awaiting for you princess, I suggest you keep your eyes and ears open for him.


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  • no...well for rigth now you say no...if you love him and are not over him then shame on you for being in a new relationship...is this relationship you're in a rebound - I would assume, this "new" guy is probably filling a void that you've been missing...(your ex!)...you should have used this time to become a better person (not that you aren't!) but you should ahve concentrated mroe on yoruself and becomming independant, but hey what can you do now...

    well for starters, you may want to give him a chance again...but like I said you should wait...ok he's cried to you, asked for you back BUT WHY!? have you asked him WHY...other than you're his "soulmate"...

    he obviously made some mistakes - who cheats, I mean COME ON PPL just break up instead of cheating - its horrible on you and the perosn you cheat on - I don't get ppl, I really dont...but look people change, people make mistakes, they learn from him - have you asked WHY he cheated? maybe you two werent as physical or emotional as you could ahve bene together..maybe you lost a connection? have you thought about any of those things after the break up?

    with that beign said, OK sure he misses you and by the sounds of it you miss him - I wouldn't consider this giving him a chance, but he needs ot show you WHY he wants to be with you, that he's different than he was before, that he's a better boyfriend, won't cheat, but he needs to show you ALL OF THIS through his actions! why? because actions speak louder than words...

    my suggestion to you is to take some time...FROM BOTH guys...you really need to figure out wha tyou want in life, what your goals are, which guy has similar goals, which guy do you have no doubt in will treat you teh way you want to be treated if you gave either of them another chance...maybe you feel like being with your ex again but your scared, hell I would be if I were you - I've been cheated on and ti SUCKS it makes you feel like a fool...me personally I wouldn't give someone who cheated on me a chance - but then again that goes against what I said above...it all really depends ont eh situation, when I was cheated on I did everything for my girl, we had sex often, I made her feel special - so really there should have been NO REASON to cheat...BUT if I had taken her for granted, not showed her attention, bailed on dates, etc that kinda stuff then OK I can see why someone would cheat...but still cheating is lame, have asome balls break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend and then go do what you have to do...there are so amny different sides to a story...just sit back and analyze yours and really decide what is going to make you truly happy inside? being with this new gu and not being sure if you love him - being with your ex, giving him a chance and hoping he doesn't screw up again therefore making you more hurt if he does...

    you have a lot to think about, you will come up with your own answer in time and time you will need...

    hope this helps

    good luck!

  • please don't give him another chance! he hurt you! nobody deserves to get cheated on. he has compared every girl that he has met to you and he is realizing how badly he screwed up. he does not deserve you back. I know a part of you still loves him and still wants him back but don't fall into that. if he cheated once, how could you ever trust him again you cant. don't hurt the guy your with now especially if he is a good guy.


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