How fast is too fast?

We've know each other for almost 6 years and have always been close friends. We just started talking to each other again after not seeing each other for almost 6 months. Since we've reconnected, we've both admitted to liking each other for some time and would like to be with one another. We've both gotten out of serious relationships this year and we both want to take our time with this, but every time we're together, everything feels right. It's like the right one has always been there, and I just realized. We've had numerous long embraces and have even fallen asleep in each others arms. Is this too fast, or should I just let it happen?


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  • Just let it happen. If it feels right, take the opportunity to embrace that feeling. When a bump comes along, deal with that then in its time. Until then, enjoy what you two feel comfortable with.


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