Do we go on a break? HELP?

Recently I’ve felt like my boyfriend doesn’t want to be with me anymore.

he's previously asked to go on a break 3 times during our relationship - these have not actually happened because I always get upset and I that he then feels guilty (wasn’t my intentions even though I 100% don’t want a break).

He he doesn’t look at me the same. He hasn’t been taking me out on dates (I’ve taken him out and made plans for us both ) the only place he takes me is a pub where the bar maid throws herself at home basically.

Our work shifts now are going to go into a pattern where I will not get to see him for a while and that bothers me because we spend most days together. He also said why is it a problem when I told him... which wasn’t the answer I expected.

He recently had had a week of work and he went to the pub most days to catch up with family and friends however, when he’s get home and I’d get home from work - he wouldn’t come near me. Like I’d tell him I was going up and he usually comes with me as we have not got our own place yet but he spent all his time downstairs drinking alone until early hours... I had work so couldn’t wait up for him. He did this again last night although I told him I wasn’t waiwas I got for him so we could go to sleep and he just ignored me and told me to go downstairs and then again he didn’t even come to bed u till midnight but in the text he told me it was soon.

I feel eel like I repulse him and I’m not sure I can bare feeling like this everyday.

Most atguements come come back on me as I do have some mh problems where I am a bit mean but I apologise and I started therapy so that he knew how much I was trying.

This is they guy guy I want to stay with but I’m not feeling the effort back :(
Do we go on a break? HELP?
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