Overseas holiday booked with ex-boyfriend who I still love?

Hi, my ex-boyfriend broke up with me about a week ago. We dated for almost a year. I didn't take the breakup well, begged for him to stay which didn't work and only pushed him away. A few days after the breakup I reached out to him and asked to meet up. I brought up our trip to Europe which he initially wanted to cancel since we are no longer together. But we agreed to trying again, and he agreed to keeping the Europe tickets. However I ended up trying to rush back into things with him and a few days later he said thing are ‘done' with us. Now the reason he broke up with me is because he isn't in the right mindset right now to be in a relationship and it's affecting his university studies. Towards the end of our relationship we were fighting a fair bit. I do think he still has feelings for me, and I absolutely love him. I really do think he's the one. I feel like he's putting up some walls and he's panicking and blocking me out to clear up his head. I want to get back with him more than anything in the world. I haven't spoken to him since the breakup to give him some space.

Now with Europe, I don't think we should cancel because we are both still young and I don't see why our relationship issues (which could be temporary) should get in the way of the holiday of our dreams – even if it's just as friends. This isn't a Contiki tour or anything, it's a trip we planned just for us and locations that we want to see. The trip is almost 1 month long and is in June/July. If we cancel, we lose about $2,000 minimum. Could this holiday be a way to get him back? Also, does anyone have any tips on getting him back? I've heard about the ‘no contact' method but I'm confused about whether I should contact him after 30 days or whether I should let him contact me. I'm not sure if he will contact me, he's quite stubborn.

Thank you!
Overseas holiday booked with ex-boyfriend who I still love?
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