Would you feel hurt in this position?

Went through probably the most shittiest things to happen to another human. My ex left me for someone else after 6 years of being best friends and one year of being together.

I was just starting to feel somewhat better. Now I'm back to square fucking one.
Until tonight on facebook I seen he's on vacation with his new bitch. Him and their kids.
And he's already referring to her as his family🤢🤢🤢🤢 I want to vomit and jump off a cliff.
I'm tired of being sad, but I really loved him. I'm disgusted with myself for letting this bother me so much. He's out having fun and I'm crying.

Oh yeah they've been dating ONLY two months and she isn't divorced yet.

Please don't be rude.
Would you feel hurt in this position?
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