Is it a good idea to move on or stay single?

i just ended things with my ex. I obviously am feeling kind of hurt. A part of me is saying I should just wait until I'm genuinely over it to move on, but knowing me, that may be months. On the other hand, I know my ex too well, he is popular with girls, and is probably talking to a couple, and will probably be in a relationship with one soon. This thought is getting to me, I feel like I should find someone so I'm not thinking bout him with other girls, and also so I'm not the only one still pining over the relationship. what should I do? does anyone think its a good idea just to find someone to take my mind off things? or is that just cruel to the new person? I really don't wanna be hurt and alone when I find out he's with someone else..


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  • let me ask you, was it that bad that you won't even consider working things out with him. Well if you want to look at it in a selfish way, yes its good to find someone and help you ease the pain. But if you don't see yourself going through it alone, what the heck get a rebound, most peolpe do it, my ex is doing it now. you might as well. but remember that this going is going to end up being hurt at the end.


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  • no it's not a good idea because it's not just about you. when you get into a rebound relationship, you're using that person to fill a space when in reality, that person might really like you. so you would be hurting him

    you broke up with you ex. it's time to stop thinking about him. who cares if he has a new gf? who cares if he hooks up with every girl in the neighborhood? it has nothing to do with you.


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