Is it safe to assume it’s over?

Hi everyone,
So I’ve been dating this guy non exclusively for two months (even if I know neither he or I have been seeing other people) and we usually see each other 1-2 a week (we both have busy lives) we only ever text in between to set up dates lately I’ve mainly been the one contacting him to meet up so this week I decided to not initiate and see what happens and I’ve had no news from him it’s Sunday and we usually spend sundays together. My pride is shaken haha and I don’t want to text him if he doesn’t bother making time for me. So maybe it’s too soon to tell but would u assume it’s over? I do like him but if it’s over for him I don’t want to embarrass myself and just move on...
what would u do?
Is it safe to assume it’s over?
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