How do I recover after I just landed on my face?

Well, my ex and I broke up around November. It was long distance, and I ended it because we were fighting a lot. He came back into town in December and we basically started talking again, but didn't get back together. Things obviously fell back into the same habits like I love you's and such.. I probably got more invested in us. When he went back, I'd sent him things and gifts and such..

Anyways fast forward to his spring break he was acting distant, and I was like am I waiting for nothing? Cause I said I'd wait for him, basically he cut it off right then and there. He said he fell out of love with me end of last year, he was confused this whole time we were talking and felt bad cause i'd do so much for him like send him things... He just cut it all off.. and it just didn't seem like that was the case, it seemed like he did love me..

He really put his foot down and didn't let us be anything anymore.. That was two weeks ago. I called him today and basically asked if we could be friends. He said its not a good idea right now... and then I proceeded to ask if we could possibly try again and if he was going to find someone else.. he said he didn't know..

Yeah so I basically did everything wrong, but how can I salvage this... how can I get him back...
How do I recover after I just landed on my face?
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