Substance Abuse Problems

Has anyone else dealt with a drug problem before? I am spiraling out of control and afraid one of these mornings I am not going to wake up.


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  • you just have to get away from it. my mom was on meth hardcore for like 5 years like smokin it every couple of hours and my dad wanted her off it so we up and moved.. it did the job she's pretty much been clean for 4 years now.

    • Oh and I was addicted to pills.. oxycodon its like a form of heroin I guess but I just flat out said f*** this and quit

    • You were on Oxys? I had no idea.

    • Yea lol I still love them but I figure it'd be better not to take em because of my baby girl

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  • Look at it from the bright side, coke doesn't give you physical withdrawal.

    • What the hell are you talking about? Yes it does! It gives you physical and emotional withdrawals.

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    • Yes I know what a physical withdrawal is. My guess is you haven't done enough coke to get the physical withdrawals. I know plenty of people who have had those physical withdrawals from them. Yes, those are definitely opiate withdrawals, but nearly any chemical that you ingest for a long time, and then suddenly stop will give you physical withdrawals.

    • Thought I would add, that I agree that coke might not have the same physical symptoms of withdrawal as opiates do- ie no vomiting and such, however, the chances of your body felling the exhaustion of working all those chemicals out of your system are definitely there.

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  • Its a dark road. Which substance?

    • Cocaine

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    • *most people

    • Ya I know, and I don't want to die from it.

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