Why do you keep contacting someone who said its over.. sorry LONG

Data: Female 42, divorced, no children no baggage … Male 36, not married one child in another state.

I met a nice guy (or so I thought) on Match about 2 months ago. We chatted text went out saw each other quite a bit for the first week. I explained that I am not going to go jumping into bed with you, I’m not like that. I want to see what else is there before that happens. He seemed OK with it on day 3, he was flirty and sweet. Day 4 we go out for drinks, in the pub out of know where he says “this feels platonic” I said well... its only been date 4, I'm still getting to know you and you said that was OK and when I would be ready it would be ok…now all of a sudden he wasn’t OK with it …

So week goes by... we go out things are fine... I agree to stay over Saturday night, we start to fool around and HE FALLS ASLEEP … ON ME… talk about feeling like I’m bad in bed... sure maybe he was tired etc but then he shouldn’t have started it. The next morning he drops me off at work, and I barely hear from him the rest of the week... now... being a woman what do we think.. He’s blowing me off... sure why not... it happens track record etc. I tried to reach out to him and he did blow me off… so I just don’t bother talking to him... he initiates conversation a few times after that mostly to tell me that he went jet skiing and I should have gone with him .. I just give him one line answers...back... (I’m still peeved mind you).

He drunk texts me and tells me he’s trashed and he is mad because I don’t care. Now I didn’t talk or hear from him for week and now I get a text... Hi how are you I bought a house and really want to show it to you. Yesterday his texts and says how romantic it will be and he really want to show me the house etc... I said well we need to talk first... please keep in mind that when I said that I wanted to talk about something he says you think too much! And dismisses my conversation. Well... this morning I sent him a text …

I don’t think we should see each other again, after we slept together you disappeared and not to mention that you fell asleep during sex, that kind of made me feel like I bored you in bed. I won’t even get into the fact that you gave me grief the weekend before. I think we both are looking for something else and I am not going to let someone treat me badly. So I wish you luck and hope you find someone.

He then texts back “this is why we don’t agree you make assumptions and don’t talk about it and you think too much so yes good luck” …

This afternoon… “So tomorrow out?" I didn't respond.

Why the hell you would still contact someone that said no thank you and good luck!


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  • This is crazy! I mean I am in the same age range and can not believe the high school drama that still happens. Would you think that by this age this kind of crap would not exist? I recently went through similar high school drama and it p*sses me off that even within our age group this can still happen. It is either you tell him stop texting me or talk about it. It sounds that he is dismissing your feelings and just going with the flow. Good luck to us fabulous ladies!

    • Exactly.. and I have to tell you ... from what I understand from some of male friends, most of the women in my area are all screwed up!!! My good friend had a woman blow him off week after week and then demanded that he consider her his girl friend and that he is not to date anyone else but yet she couldn't take the time to see him.. this is right up there with another one that told him if he's not going to spend money her she doesn't want to see him.. thank god he walked away... Good luck to you

    • Oh god are you serious? Those stories are crazy! It ruins everything for us who are normal. Poor guys. Thank you very much for your wishes. I hope that we can find a men who are on the same page as we are. I do not want price charming cause lets face it, it does not exist. It is all about understanding and wanting to live a peaceful life.... Stay strong!!!! :)

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  • he seem's like he doesn't know what he wants.


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  • if you really feel like he was being mean to you when he fell asleep during the time you guys were about to have sex, then you should just be like... tell him straight up if you want to be friends or if you don't want him in your life at all. If you don't want him in your life at all, tell him to please cut all contact with you (phone, email, etc), because you are going to do the same with him. But if you tell him you still want to be friends then maybe you should tell him that he can call you and if you are free maybe you will go out with him and enjoy jet skiing or something...


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