Girls, Please help me evaluate the chance to restore this a 3 years relationship?

Background info:
I am a guy, I am in my final year in UK.
My ex is extremely introvert, emotional manipulator, moody. She values pain as bad thing pleasure as good thing. She loves to blame everything on me when things does not go right, Korean raper lover. No friends, completely rely on me like how people rely on God. Need so much attention, video call 24/7, wake up chat, late night chat, after school chat. So easy to get jealous, and doubt me, so sensitive when I talk to other girl or mention some girl names. Even If I talk in game with other people she will get mad. She is a year 2 students in UK uni. So easy to get stressed with uni assignments. Muslim, but casual and type, as in you never know they are Muslim if you don't ask.
We met each other parents, we planned to get married after graduation.

It is a 3 years relationship, we dated and lived together from Hong Kong, Brunei, and UK. She broke up with me around 50 days ago after valentine day when she was so stressed of her assignment. He reason was she emotionally cheated on me, but she was not sure yet. However, she is not able to name her new boyfriend, his new boyfriend job position, what uni, or any information.

The following 3 days after breakup, we still contacted everyday, but we were in a lot of arguments. Because I kept pushing her to date again. In the end, because I caused her too much stress, she said she started a date with that new guy already and needed to stop contacting me because her new boyfriend does not like it.

First week, she kept reading my email (I have email tracker), an email read 2-3 times per day. After 10 days, she responded she will no longer contact me. She has not read my email at all after that. And she blocked me everywhere, and stop playing games or doing anything that we used to do together.

Second and third week, we had not contacted at all, but she started to play games we used to play again, and check telegram (an app we only used between us).

1 y
Fourth week, I contacted her through email again. Since then she has only read without reply, but she reread some email a few times per day. She sleeps at 12 everyday, but now she often slept at 2 or 3 am.

What should I do? And what do you think she is thinking?
1 y
2 years ago, when her parents found out she had sex with me, she got locked down at home and we lost contact. Before that , she lied to me she cheated on me too, but she admitted it was a lie after her parents let us contact again.
Girls, Please help me evaluate the chance to restore this a 3 years relationship?
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