Ex playing games or really upset?

today I had a fight with my ex because I was rude to her...i apologized and told her I had many issues in my head and just exploded...said I'm sorry and recognized my mistake...now she cancelled some plans we had for the weekend...should I continue to ask for her forgiveness or just leave things that way?


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  • Wow! It sounds like you're still in a relationship with her sweetie. I don't know about whether she's playing games or not, but it sounds like you guys are a little too deep still to be "just friends". I say, you've already apologized and it's her decision whether she's going to let that effect you guys hanging out or not, but if she does, then you need to just let it happen. Because if she IS just a friend, then that's that.

    I think though, because it sounds like you're guys' "friendship" is super intense, this might be a good chance for you to back off a little and give yourself some space. You deserve to get your mind out of her for a minute you know? And how are you ever going to find the next person when you're still worried about making the last one angry.

    • Why would she care that much if I told her it wasn't related to her, I had just a really bad day...then when I call her she says I'm out with some friends and that yeah she was going to be busy this weekend so we couldn't do the cooking...idk why give so much importance to a small issue when during our whole dating phase I was never rude or anything

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    • Already apologized in a sincere way so should I not contact her and give her time and space?

    • What if there's a new guy she's flirting with her, nothing serious but started hanging out in the same group....she should just don't care

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