Pissed off & confused?

My boyfriend and I got into a small argument leading to him ignoring me for a week...& ultimately breaking up with me.

When I saw him in person he said he “just got fed up” (this was our first fight)

Before this he used to call me every other day, would hang out with me when he had the time (he was in school & work)

He didn’t even have the decency to tell me, I had to go to his house to hear it from his mouth. All he said was “I’m a dick I guess”

It’s so weird for him to do such a 180 on me. I get that I hurt his feelings but he’s treating me like I’m nothing...

He still looks at my snapchats (for what that’s worth)

Have you guys ever done this behavior? I’m heart broken but I know it will heal in time I’m just so upset.
Pissed off & confused?
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