Should I break up with my boyfriend?

He's always grumpy, we always fight. He doesn't want sex anymore and when I try to initiate it, he turns me down. He never compliments me but he often says things that hurt my self esteem. When I try to talk about our problems, he agrees, but he also just says more hurtful things.
We only see each other once a week for a few hours at a time during which he's often too tired to give me any attention.

This all would be an easy-peasy 'yes we should break up', but...
He has a burnout and recently got Pfeiffer too.

Before his burnout, it was way better, but the current situation is lasting months already and I don't know how much longer I can take feeling this lonely...

Is it worth it to wait, hoping he'll recover soon if at all? Or should I break up because our relationship makes me feel miserable and it might take months if not longer?
Should I break up with my boyfriend?
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