Why did he get back in touch?

Questions for the men - dated a really nice guy for 3 months he treated me like a princess I was horrible to him and put up barriers - eventually he had enough and we split.

3 months later he phones (its late on a sat night and he's been drinking but it wasn't a booty call) he chatted about how horrible the breakup was and asked why I treated him so badly (thought maybe he wanted closure told him I regretted how badly I treated him and that I was sorry). He asked if we could meet up to talk and could he call me the next day. I said when your sober and he said are you saying I'm only phoning because I've had a drink - I said maybe.

After he hung up he sent some texts saying we never split cos he didn't like me far from it and that we should meet up, talk and hopefully put this all behind us (I thought he maybe wanted to give it another go).

No phone call came I waited over a week and said I was glad we had cleared the air - got a reply straight away which was short saying he was too but couldn't talk as he was at work and wasn't allowed his phone. I left it.

Over a week later and still nothing.

Whats going on?

Has he gone back to being anger with me once the drink wore off?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You treated him bad so he gave you time to miss him. He called after having a drink and felt confident. You said sorry to him but also made him felt like you just said it to conclude the convo. since you felt he is drunk.

    He might have thought about it the next day and felt that you might again go back to the same routine of treatment to him or may be more worst considering that he is the one came back begging.

    He came back to his senses and withdrew.

    If you really want to try sincerely this time then you need to see if you can really adjust yourself. I have heard this sh*t several times that " He/She has to accept me the way I am"...but that's not the way to built an healthy relationship.

    • I understand but I did spend over half an hour on the phone even thou I hadn't been drinking, I agreed to meet him, I said I was glad he phoned and agreed when he asked to contact me the next day. Then I sent the text saying I was glad we had cleared the air - I think I've done everything (except begging which id never do) to encourage him and let him know I'm sorry and regret my actions.

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  • Boys are hard to read, maybe he just called you because he'd had a drink he was feelings over confident, I think it's a good sign that he asked to meet up to talk that's a good sign, it's nice that you have cleared the air between you. It's just strange that his been ignoring you, but maybe his insecure and isn't sure whether you really want him back, but it's been a week if he really wanted you and wanted to work things out in my opinion he would have contacted you sooner. There is no excuse really, he may use the excuse I was busy working but it doesn't take 5 min to send a text does it?


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