Sometimes our bestfriends can be our worst enemies.

Have you ever insulted/ridiculed/trashtalked one of your closest friends because of gossip?

or have you become the victim of such? being name called by someone you thought was your bestfriend? how did you get over it? is it right to insult someone after years of friendship because of tattle tales?


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  • Its a good question however self reflective, I would not consider somone to be a close friend of mine if they did these things and I would not do it to a close friend of mine. For example my ex who I have never spoken of badly when our relationship ended we did all types of terrible things to one another but when anyone asks I am always both gracious and brief when speaking about her. No reason to speak badly of others I find that I think less of people who come in to where I work and bitch and moan about there current partner and then go home to them, something very wrong with that mentality makes me wonder what people are willing to tolerate to say that they are not alone. And then it could be occupational hazard lol

    • U like answering my questions don't you lol

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    • Uh oh really. lol. hmmmmm that's interesting

    • Oh it would be a rap girl no doubt there

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  • In secondary school that was just an average day. Now though I'd probably just ignore someone that did that, depending on how much they meant to me. Maybe I'd want to talk to them about it.

  • it happens. I've done it, it's been done to me. it sucks and it hurts. but it doesn't really mean anything. it's just talk.

    • U said it sucks and it hurts. then you say it doesn't mean anything... you confusing me.

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