Cant shake the feeling. Advice?

does anyone out there have a friend that they like but they only see you as a friend and you can't shake your feelings for that person?


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  • Welcome to my life. Sucks huh? What's worse is he knows I like him and basically rejected me. Super fun.

    • Same thing....she knows I like her and said she just see's me as a friend. do you think we are just feeding into their ego?

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    • Lol...thats so backwards. in my case I thought she liked me I wanted too long to tell her I like her and when I did tell her I like her she tells me she only see's me as a friend and never liked me in the first place. is that what happens to you?

    • Nooo, with me it was like .. when we first met neither of us was looking for something so we became fwb/cuddle buddies for a few weeks but I had to break it off because I liked him and he didn't like me back and now I'm still kinda hooked. : /

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