Cheating on boyfriend?

Ok so I'm planning to tell my boyfriend i cheated on him. It's been already a year since I did it. I sent pictures of me in bra/underwear. It is really bad? My conscience is telling me cheating is cheating, and I'm a horrible person. But also, bra and underwear? It's less revealing than a bikini... I don't know, I just feel horrible because soon, we have a trip together where I'm planning to have sex with him for the first time, but I feel like I don't deserve to be his first either and I'm just not sure. Do i tell him before the trip? After it?

1 y
Yesterday i told him, and he immediately forgave me. Upon being asked why, he said "I know the person you were back then and the person you are now. Sure, Id rather you not do that and it was stupid, but I know better than looking the negative over the positive"

I was forgiven for horribly cheating.

The reason why I did it? to protect myself. Not a valid reason, I know.

Why I didn't tell him before? Our relationship became fucking perfect. I was absolutely selfish and terrified to tell him.
Cheating on boyfriend?
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