For guys, are girls with boyfriends off limits? (Ladies, feel free to chime in)

Here's my stance:

I'm a pretty confident guy. I feel that if I am in a Relationship I go into it with the full understanding that there will be other men who find my girlfriend desireable and some of those men will try to take her from me. I do not have an issue with this. I look at it like this: As long as I do my job properly, another man CANNOT take my girl from me. Plain and Simple. As long as I have my stuff together and treat my lady right, she will not desire another man. And if she does!? That's on me. Now I do not condone cheating. That is an entirely different ball game. I am talking aboout another man wooing your girl and she leaves you for him. Thoughts!?


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  • I imagine many guys will try. In fact, my second week of college, this creeper came on to my and two of my friends (we all had boyfriends at the time, and he had a girlfriend) just because he wanted to get laid. But this is a special exception of, well, an IDIOT, and most guys (I hope!) are not like this.

    But, like you said, this is cheating rather than stealing. I've seen stealing happen before too. But in the guys' defense, the girl who they were all stealing from each other was pretty much a seductress who very few guys were able to resist. If you're a good guy and you have a good girl, things should work out swimmingly. ^_^


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  • Stop trying to get people to justify your desire to steel that girl you talked about in your post yesterday. its wrong but your going to try anyway. I hope her boyfriend slaps the sh*t out of you like a little bitch

    • Color me confused?

      Look man, I have had guys attempt to steal my girl. And once I have had my girl leave me for another man. If you are on your sh*t what do you have to worry about? Seems like you need to bone up on your game brotha!

    • Lol you completely missed the point dumbass and I have prob had more tail than you have wacked off to.

  • Yes it is off limits for men!

    • Men that don't already know a woman should not even talk to her!!

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