My boyfriend does not consider my feelings?

I am so hurt right now :( I feel like I am being taken for granted :( everytime I tell my boyfriend how I feel, he says I'm trying to argue--when I'm simply just trying to vent to him about the pain he's caused me.

Once he realizes he is in the wrong he says he is going to change, but does the same thing over and over. If he is not shutting my feelings off, he is running away from our issue.

We have been through so much together, but I feel like I have given more than I been receiving. It's like I'm not human. He believes he can hurt me, apologize and we're suppose to move on.

I always consider his feelings when he is hurting or upset and this is why it hurting me so much. Everyones advice would be very helpful. I am in tears right now.
My boyfriend does not consider my feelings?
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