Letting him call the shots...?

So, I met this guy and we started e-mailing/texting each other.

It was going well until we met up, and things just went downhill.

A few emotional discussions later, he pretty much wanted to go back to square 1.

We went from talking all the time to "Hey. Hope you have a good day" and "Hope you had a good day. Talk to you tomorrow". After a while, conversations picked back up (I tried to only text him when he texted first).

I really like him, and he seems to really like me too. I'm just not sure why he's pulled away so much. The few issues we had weren't anything that couldn't be fixed with a little time and effort. I know I probably should be patient, but it's driving me crazy.

I'm torn about what step to take next. Part of me wants to try to speed things up a little. The other part of me wants to wait for him to respond, so that he won't think I'm pushy or desperate or anything.

I'm completely open to advice or suggestions.
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  • You should just wait for him to respond.


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