How do I just stop talking to him?

My ex said he wanted me back and when I went over to do stuff with him right after he said he didn't want a relationship.. so I was basically f***ed over..i tried saying goodbye to him but he's like we can't just be friends and wait a bit till we go out?

but I don't wanna just be friends and watch him have fun with other girls while I'm waiting for him...

what should I do to get rid of him in a nice way? I do love him but I can't stand just being friends. I know it would be better for me to just cut off all contact.. so any ideas?

thanks :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • That's unfair to you. Think about it, why would you want to be with someone who wants to be friends for a bit and then get back together with you when he's finished having his fun?

    Tell him that you don't want to be friends with him, it's all or nothing. If he chooses nothing, then completely ignore him, he's not worth your time.


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What Guys Said 1

  • remove the "how do" and you're left with "I just stop talking to him"

    seriously its the only way, you're so emotionally controllable its painful.. and he knows it

    get out while it hurts only a little or stay and risk being hurt a lot more


What Girls Said 1

  • You need to tell him that you don't want to be friends and that you are over him. It will be a lie, but you need to make him think that you have no feelings for him. Then if he contacts you just ignore him.


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