Repeating pattern but why?


Basically in the last 3 years I've had 4 relationships of 2-7 months where at the start the woman involved is "how were you single?", "i love you, you're amazing" and showing all the major signs of being very much into me. At the begining I'm a bit cool on the idea but I get into the relationship and we have a very good time and its going amazingly and then STOP... all over, a week or so of them acting odd and then they end it and never with any reason that means anything, nothing of any sense or substance... I'm half very angry and half utterly heartbroken and there is no lesson to learn so I don't know how to console myself. How am I amazing and a brilliant fluke of a catch one day and 7 days later I'm the ex and given no solid reason why, just "i'm not in the relationship" or "i'm sorry, my feelings have changed"... its all gettign too much, I can't keep repeating this, I'm exhausted! any advice lads and lasses?! (thanks in advance)
Repeating pattern but why?
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