Should I tell my mom about him?

i'm dating this amazing boy now and I've never told my mom that I've had a boyfriend, untill I break up with them. I don't want her all up in my business. and all the guys I've dated, I would barely let my friends meet. but the guy I'm dating in nothing like I've ever dated before. he treats me with respect, and not a slut,(which I'm not a slut what so ever) like my other boyfriends have in the past. and for once in my life I really want to tell my mom, plus for the past week she has been asking if I've had a boyfriend, and I've been saying no, but I want to stop that and tell her the truth.

should I tell her?


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  • Yes, it sounds like you're starting to fall for him. I would what she would want is to meet them. Look many guys will come in and out of you're life but you will only have one mother. I say tell her let her meet him. Sounds like a good guy witch means he would pass moms expectation . I'd tell her when you too are alone and here all about him. It will go well!



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