What should I say to my boyfriend?

I’ve decided to break up with my boyfriend.
Well okay, I haven’t 100% decided, but I’m really considering it. I just want to know what to say to him.
I plan on breaking up with him because he’s too busy to see me. He has football practice three times a week, he has a job, he’s about to get a second job, and he’s about to move away (a half an hour away which isn’t bad but still adds on). All of these things are happening BECAUSE of his stupid football and he wants to become a profession football player. I can barley see him and I’m so unhappy all the time. He said to me that if it ever came down to the decision between his football and me, he would choose me because he loves me. But I can’t force him to stop reaching for his dream. I just want to tell him that the reason I’m breaking up is because of his football. It’s taking up way too much time and it’s becoming his number one priority over me. My sister agrees with me and says he’s being selfish for doing his own thing and not making me his top priority anymore. Any advice on what to say to him would be great.
Many thanks in advance.
What should I say to my boyfriend?
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