Should I throw away my ex's stuff?

I'd been in a relationship with my ex for almost five years. we broke up for some reasons, first he cheated on me with his best friend (she knows me and I know her) but I decided to give him a second chance and it lasted for almost one year. he had to move away for a new job, we tried to do long distance relationship, but he gave up, in the end so we broke up. his left his stuff at my place and I sent it back to him for like four times (I used my money) but he said something hurt me so much, he said he left me because he loves his best friend he loves her since before he met me and he really regret he'd been in a relationship with me instead of her. actually he's done too many things that hurt me so much, since he moved away I'd been crying for almost a year, I'd been hurt so much, but now I'm cool, I'm in love. I'm about to move to new apartment but his stuff is still in my room (I just too busy to throw them away, cuz he left too many things), yesterday he e-mailed me, he mentioned about his stuff, I know he just want to make sure if I'm still have it, I don't know what to say to him so I didn't e-mail him back. he's coming back in this town next two weeks but I'm gonna leave this place in two days. Guys, should I move his stuff with me and return it to him, or just don't care and throw them away?
Ps. I do still hate him don't want to meet him, I don't love him anymore, but deep down I know he has to work hard to get what he wants, so I really confused please give me some advice, thank you guys!
Should I throw away my ex's stuff?
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