Letting A Guy Down Easily?

I hung out with this guy and his friends and it seems to me like he wants to date and get with me (just by the things he says and how he acts). He's really nice and all, but there's nothing there on my side and I'm not ready to date anyone.

How can I tell him that I see him as just a friend and that's it? I don't wanna be rude or blunt. I wanna say it nicely and I don't want to end up not being friends because he's a fun person.


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  • I have been on the other end of this situation before. Chances are if he really likes you he won't want to be "just friends". I know you would think "if he truly liked me, why wouldn't he want to be just friends".

    So if he is like me and he sounds like it, you will tell him, "hey I'm not really looking for to date anyone right now, but I still want to be friends." He will probably say "OK" with a fake smile. But every time he is around you, he will feel awkward cause he has feelings for you and knows you don't.

    Although It really depends how strong his feelings are for you are. If he wants to seriously date you then I would say something like this when he asks you out. "I'm really not looking to date anyone right now, Its not that I don't like you, I think your a great guy, but dating/relationship just isn't want I want in my life at the moment, sorry" And don't say the just friends thing, even if you want to, if he wants to be just friends let him ask you that.

    If you think that he just wants to hook up with you and wants nothing really serious then you can give him the "I am not really looking to date anyone, but Id really like to still be friends with you cause your a great guy"

    Being honest and blunt is sometimes the best way to go about things like this, I know it seems like you are being mean but in the long run he will thank you for it.

    Best of Luck.


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