Why is he letting me dangle?

Hi guys! So, there's this guy I was talking to. Anyways, we were hooking up and all was great until one of his friends made some rumor up that kind of put him off of me. its been a while since this rumor went out and he has been still texting me occasionally but we weren't getting together.

Anyways, recently, he started texting/calling more often just to talk. He has yet to try and get me over for a hookup during this recent spurt. He hasn't really shown much initiative for liking me other than this and increased in person attention. We both play intercollegiate athletics so we run in similar circles. my question is, why would he keep me around?

For some background, this guy is younger than I am, doesn't do too terribly well with girls, and his friends publicly would ask in front f him why a "girl like me" would be talking to a "guy like him"? Gah, confusing. He knows I was interested at him during the point of the rumor. Any insight?


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  • if I knew what the rumor was about maybe I could say a little more but overall I'd say maybe he want's to be friends. Have you tried flirting with him?!?!?

    • Well, his friend [who was trying to get me to see him instead of the guy who I like] was unsuccessful a number of times in getting what he wanted and told my guy that he saw me creeping around his appartment for an hour just listening at the door. This is totally false and the guy kind of faded out but would call occasionally. He deffinitely knows I'm into him/or was. I mean, we've had sex numerous times [bad, I know] and we were talking dating before the rumor.We flirt and its him contacting me

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    • Yeah, perhaps. I don't know but if it keeps getting weird/I keep stressing over it, I may just ask. This may sound rude too but if he says he wants to be just friends, well, I have enough friends.

    • If it's like that I would just get striaght to the point it's the best thing to do

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  • He might just be insecure and could be confused as to how to go about the situation. From his friends starting a rumor to discouraging him by saying things like "Why would a girl like that like you?". It's probably taken a toll on his confidence and he might not want to let you go but not know how to handle it. I would be more forward about your feelings and see how that goes. Maybe he just needs some extra reassurance.


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