What would you do if this happen?

After your break up you kept in touch with your ex (not that often anymore), and the reason you did that has to do with the fact that you both wanted to take different directions, but since you sense there might be a second chance you decide to stay in touch with her/him.

Wile months passed you realized she/he bearly made any effort to do the same (send messages, reply..), so you took the decision to move on completely. By the time you did and start set your interest on other women/men, your ex text you, she/he say she/he miss you, etc.

How would you react?

To be honest I feel like I am going that way, slowly and surely, and I only hope she doesn't regret it because when I made up my mind, I made up my mind, and there is no going back.
What would you do if this happen?
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