I made the mistake of letting go of a guy to try things with my ex, things didn't work out?

I really like this guy and I want him to give me another shot, there's a lot of sexual conversation between us and we talk every day all day through text, however when I told him I still really like him he said that he started seeing someone else and that if I was a week earlier than maybe, how do I make him realize we could be really great together?


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  • Ah! It is what it is, unfortunately! You, obviously had some life experience that taught you something that made you wiser but your timing is off. He made his choice and found someone else (Mind you I came from the school of thought that there is no such thing as "THE ONE", hence it is possible that someone can find multiple compatible partners) In his case, it sounds like he has founded his mate. You can too! In regards to you mishap, all I can say is: "C'est la vie!" Please note that the phrase "c'est la vie" does not just mean "That's life!" in English but it has a lot of sinister undertone in it-Throw in a dash of tragedy and you get the real meaning to it).


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  • But are you sure you want him for him? or him just to have someone.

    you let him go once for an ex. that tells me he never was that important to you

    • It's because I still didn't know him that well and it was all very new still we werent anything official, and now I know him a lot better and know that I want to be with him, I did make the mistake and it is my fault, I don't know guess it just sucks because he's told me if he wasn't seeing this other girl he would be with me so I don't know :S

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