My ex contacted me. What should I do now?

Long story short, I was in a relationship (kind of LDR one) for 6 months. He dumped me via text about 3 weeks ago because he was not ready for a committed relationship and I could call him if I wanted to discuss about it. I didn't reply to his text.

Two weeks later, I received the following text:
"Hey, I've given time and it's clear you don't want to talk. Which is fair enough. I have no hard feelings so I wanted to say I hope you are doing well and having fun back in (my hometown) x".

I didn't reply and the next day he texted me again correcting the place I was supposed to be at (I posted a picture where I was on Facebook). I replied that I am okay and hope he is too. That I don't want to talk through texting but that I am willing to have a conversation with him when I'm back to the country.
He replied "Cool x". It's been a week now, he didn't ask when I'd be back and didn't reach again.

What should I do? Text him when I'm back home? Or let him text me again to ask if I am back home?
What do you think about it? Did he give up?
My ex contacted me. What should I do now?
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