How should you deal with your bf's mean parents?

I have called them mean, because my boyfriend invites me over to his house. Whenever i come over, and i say 'hi', they dont say it back and they pretend like i dont exist.. they dont really look at my direction either. They dont say goodbye either. My boyfriend said that his mom called me rude, complains about spending money on me.

I dont feel very welcomed. I am not used to this, because im sure for a fact if my boyfriend comes over, my mom will treat him with kindness.. same with my dad.

I really like this guy, i dont know for sure how serious he is about me but he really is lovely. I imagined that they already hate me, so at least i dont have to impress them.

I dont know if i can deal with this cold treatment, if my boyfriend and i make it long-term. He also loves his parents and does what they say. I imagine something like them coming over our place ( if we live together) to visit their son, but completely ignoring me.

Should i break it off because of his parents? I felt really sad after when it happened
How should you deal with your bf's mean parents?
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