Who should I believe?

Ok so there's a situation im in right now
And im really confused about it
This is the situation:
Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 3 months ago but we still remain "friends"
he's the mostly initiating contact (messages and calls)
And he's the one wanting to hang out at least once a week
Me and my ex been together for 1 and a half years so I have introduced him to my close friends
So sometimes we all still hang out together (me, my ex boyfriend and my close friends)
Anyways, this is my dilemma:
Lets say FRIENDS #1:
Most of my close friends (including my friend's boyfriend)*:
- has hanged around me and my ex boyfriend and seen him more than 10 times and so they observe his actions and how me and him interact
- they think that he still loves me and cares about me
- they are in long term relationships
And then there's my other 2 close friends (lets say FRIENDS #2)*:
- they only hanged around me and my ex boyfriend and seen him twice only
- they think that he only wants me around for company and waiting for a better girl to come around
- they have only been in short term relationships
Which friends should I believe?
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Who should I believe?
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