Do I have a chance? Fallen hard for an amazing man...

BACKGROUND: I am 19 (20 in Jan) and he is 23. We both attend university, both in our second year but are doing different degrees. We met in our first year as we had many elective subjects together. From the moment I saw him I found him attractive and lovely, but figured he was so out of reach it wasn't worth trying. I am a bit shy, and he's outgoing, confident, charismatic, kind, intelligent, spiritual and caring. He's one of those guys who is everyone's friend, but has modesty and is down to earth.

Just recently we came into contact again, and long story short - I asked him for a coffee at uni (it was casual, we met in between classes). I felt an instant connection. It was electric. And within five minutes we were already discussing world issues/religion/ name it! We got along really well, we had a few laughs and he was smiling a lot :)

He's so amazing in every way, but I feel like I'm not enough for him. I feel like I haven't "lived" enough compared to him - just graduated high school in '08 and came straight to uni, and still live with the family. He finished in '05, worked in D&A rehab, travelled to far off countries doing outreach work etc...and is now at uni. However, I feel I AM mature for my age - my slight shyness may have masked this though.

So we had coffee about 5 days ago. No word from him since. I figured if he was the slightest bit interested in me, he would have no issues making contact (with the type of personality he has). It IS close to exams, and everyone's madly studying...but still. I don't know if I should try harder or cut my losses. I DON'T want to be a pest, but at the same time he might not even know I feel this way.

What do you all suggest?

Wait it out and go with the flow?

Make contact again?

Wait until after exams?

Accept his not interested?

Profess my undying love? (ha :P)

I definitely feel I have a lot to offer, but I'm not sure if it's enough...

P.s- he's single - and as far as I'm aware - looking.

Thanks so much for reading x


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  • if you like him try at least that way you will know and won't have to wonder, stay in touch, you never know he might come back to you eventaully


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  • might be, might be not. try until you see that it is impossible. at least you will not have regret. you have nothing to lose.


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  • contact him to set up another date


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