Why is my ex mailing me?

My ex mails texts me or mails me on facebook at least once every three weeks, but lately he mailed a male friend of mine and said congrats on getting together with me... and how I was a nice girl but that I was probably only with him for his car (his profile pic was a car) and that I didn't really like him, and that his job was bad and I didn't like it... but I'm the kinda girl that is laid back and takes people for who they are so that shocked me... we aren't going out nor have I spoken to this guy in five years is my ex jealous?


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  • he just wants to get your attention. he does it this way because he knows he will be all over your mind and make you feel that you can't forget him and girls often mistake that feeling that they can't live without him. he is egoistic and jus trying to send you a message that he likes you and cares about you in so called artistic way.

  • Sounds like he's still has feelings for you and might want to get back with you...


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